What for? 

When a new desire starts growing.

How do we make it?

The paths to go for it.

Have no time issue

Approaches to deal with the old excuse: Time!

Resouces management

Refining processes and controls.

About us

Workers on the way out!

Chasing the old dream without given up, ever!

A few things we’re great at

Ideas, planning, implementing and running. That’s it!   🙂

People Around

The team.

To blow off some steam…

General and interesting subjects.


Images and documents.

Some Ideas

The Secret of Success

A real good secrete is not shared but devided.

Secret 1

Excelence of service.

Secret 2

People management.

Secret 3

Founding resources.

Secrete 4


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  • Phone: +55 21 998085797
  • E-mail: ultering.com@gmail.com
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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